Internet of Things (IoT) - Beginner To Advanced

Internet of Things (IoT) is currently the hottest technology in the world. Government, academics, and industry are involved in various fields of research, implementation, and business through IoT. IoT cuts across a wide range of application backgrounds from defense to defense. These sectors include agriculture, land, health care, manufacturing, construction, water, and mining, which are currently changing their heritage infrastructure to support IoT.

About IoT

IoT stands for Internet of Things that generally connect all the physical objects starting from small to long range and form a smart operating system. You can operate all the objects remotely by just pressing buttons of remote. The deployment of smart algorithm in embedded hardware, application development enables you to monitor and manipulate the data. You can upload the live data to cloud platform.

Why IoT ?

In today’s smart world, all the systems are operated through smart and remote controllers. All these devices are to be connected wirelessly. The main problem is related to control the connected devices in big data platform. The trend of this technology facilitates you to promote the level of efficiency, optimum use of resources and reduced human effort.


    • Introduction to IoT and IoT Architecture
    • Recent trends and challenges in IoT.
    • Recent protocols in IoT (6LoWPAN, RPL, MQTT, ZigBee)
    • M2M to IoT, System design of an IoT
    • Internet of Vehicles, Machine learning in IoT
    • Industrial IoT(IIoT) requirements
    • Security and privacy issues in IoT
    • Energy harvesting for IoT applications
    • Research challenges in IoT
    • Potential IoT applications like Smart health, Smart home, etc.
    • Practical hands-on IoT application (Sensor, MCU and Cloud).


    • Opportunity to learn and work on IoT Architecture, Protocols, Cloud Computing etc.
    • Beneficiary can get job opportunities to work on the different Industrial IoT (IIOT).
    • Placement opportunity in AI enabled IoT industry (Fresh engineers from Polytechnique /Engineering colleges).
    • Knowledge enhancement by Interactive Session and Practical Training.
    • Opportunity to go for further research and development.
    • Students belongs to EE, ECE, EEE, EI and CSE/IT of engineering /polytechnic colleges.
    • Students, Researchers and Faculties from Science/Engineering background.
    • Government officials / Private companies for IoT sector.

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