Deep learning - Beginner To Advanced

Deep Learning Specialization is a basic program that will help you understand the skills, challenges, and effects of in-depth learning and prepare you to participate in the development of advanced AI technology.

About Deep learning

The deep learning generally refers to the complex learning process of a selected model. It generally trying to mimic the human brain for the training of a model. Using this tool one can switch to complex model preparation. It can also be thought as the subset of machine learning.

Why Deep learning ?

In some times, it is required to pre-process data which may be in large volume. The training method in deep learning process eliminates the pre-processing stage used in machine learning.



    • Introduction to Deep learning.
    • Architecture of Artificial Neural Network (ANN).
    • Topologies of ANN.
    • Learning process of ANN.
    • Application in object recognition and classification.
    • Modification in structures.
    • Recent challenges in complex network formation.
    • MATLAB programs related to deep learning application.


    • Opportunity to learn and work on speech recognition, object recognition, computer vision, classification, problem-solving, learning and planning etc.
    • Beneficiary can get job opportunities to work on the different industrial areas.
    • Placement opportunity in AI industry (Fresh engineers from Polytechnique/Engineering colleges).
    • Knowledge enhancement by Interactive Session and Practical Training.
    • Opportunity to go for further research and development.
    • Students belongs to EE, ECE, EEE, ME, CHE and CSE/IT of engineering /polytechnic colleges.
    • Students, Researchers and Faculties from Science/Engineering background.
    • Government officials.
    • Private companies for AI sector.

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